Ready to rock your social media in 2021 and beyond?



OR join the #GetSocialSmart Academy and get access to the Bootcamp plus our complete training library, community and more!

Create Your 2021 Social Media Plan in our Previously Recorded 3-Day Virtual #GetSocialSmart Bootcamp

OR join the #GetSocialSmart Academy and get access to the Bootcamp plus our complete training library, community and more!


Here's the truth - social media is rented ground - we don't own it and so to make the most out of social media - we believe strongly in the value of creating a system of pillar content - pillar you own, in your voice!

We also believe in the value of creating a smart system to distribute and repurpose this content to maximize your effectiveness on each platform.

Finally, we know the value of showing up - of being intentional and using social media in an intentional way to stay in touch with clients and to attract business (versus chasing leads.) This is exactly what we will cover in these 3 days. No fluff!

I am excited during this 3-day bootcamp to take you on a deep dive through our content creation process and share with you exactly how to create a smart plan that works for you.

In addition to the daily training - you will have homework each night and you will work on your plan!

By the end of the 3-day bootcamp you should have a big jump-start to your 2021 social media and content plan and have a clear plan of attack for how you will move forward in 2021 and beyond. 


Day 1: Creating Your Pillar Content Plan. This includes:

  • A deep dive into pillar content options including video, Facebook Live, podcast, blog and more  
  • Pros and cons of each pillar content option
  • How to choose which one is right for you!
  • How to create a schedule and a system
  • How to brainstorm ideas for content
  • Tips for creating supporting graphics and how best to use them

Day 2: Your Distribution Plan. This includes:

  • How to create your timeline for how and where your content will be distributed
  • Which platforms to be on and why
  • How to use scheduling platforms
  • How to successfully repurpose your pillar content

Day 3: Your Content Calendar and Q&A. This includes:

  • On this day we'll talk about putting it all together!
  • Finalize your pillar content plan, your distribution plan and additional content (listings, open houses, stackable content, etc.)
  • Facebook Live Q/A with Katie

In addition to each day's training, there is a workbook for you to download + access to the Facebook Group + homework each day!

OR join the #GetSocialSmart Academy and get access to the Bootcamp plus our complete training library, community and more!


What if I am already an Academy member? You will have access to the Bootcamp at no additional charge - look for links in the Academy!

What else do I receive if I sign up for the the Academy? Learn more about our Academy and everything included here.

Is this a live bootcamp? No, this bootcamp is pre-recorded from a live event and available on demand. You can watch on any device at any time!

Will there be an opportunity to get my questions answered? Yes, you will have access to the Bootcamp Facebook group where you can get your questions answered, connect with like-minded peers and receive feedback on your plan.

Is the fee refundable? All sales are final, but if for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we are happy to assist.

Is this for beginner or more advanced agents? Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned agent - if you are looking to create a smart social media strategy for 2021, this training is for you!

Any other questions? Please email us at - thank you!

OR join the #GetSocialSmart Academy and get access to the Bootcamp plus our complete training library, community and more!

Katie Lance is the Founder of Katie Lance Consulting, the #GetSocialSmart Academy and the author of the Amazon best-selling book, #GetSocialSmart. Katie is also a frequent keynote speaker, a contributor to The Huffington Post and formerly was the Chief Strategist for Inman News.

"You cannot go wrong with any of the classes that Katie offers! She is an amazing speaker and teacher and she teaches from the Heart!" - Kerry Ramage

"The thing I love about Katie is that she not only teaches great information but she shows us how to use it, she gives a pretty easy plan to follow and shares great apps to help us achieve our goals."- Christina Kliphardt

"What would I do without Katie Lance! I am so grateful for her passion for helping us Realtors to understand and create our social media strategy! I was so lost before, and now after only being a part of her Social Smart Academy for 6 weeks, have learned way more than I could have doing my own research. She has put it all together for us. Thanks so much Katie, and if you're looking for a social media coach, and are in real estate, Katie Lance is your girl." - Estela Carr